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The Current Political Scene in America
Elected officials have been responsible for countless contentious behaviors in Washington, DC. This leaves citizens confused and misinformed. This series will focus on discussing the latest happenings that affect us on a day-to-day basis. Class participation is encouraged to liven up this informational and thought-provoking discussion as we discuss how to rectify the challenges that will affect us in the near future.

Instructor: George Feirstein | Thursdays, December 13, 20 | 12:15 pm

Jewish Participation in the Civil War
This three-part course will detail little known facts and background behind Jewish participation in the Civil War.Highlights include: the number of Jews in the US during the war, interests in supporting the Confederates or the Union,the war clouds gathering, circumstances in the US during the presidential election, Jewish participation in the war, theroles of President Abraham Lincoln and General Grant, the order eleven, the aftermath of the war and more.

Instructor: Donald Lapinsohn | Tuesday, December 11, 18 | 1:45 pm

How Does the Midterm Election Results Affect the 2020 Presidential Race? 
The 2018 elections are over and it’s time to analyze the voting turnout on the local, state, and national issues. In addition, we will discuss the 2020 presidential election.

Instructor: Donald Singer |Thursday, December 13 | 12:15 pm

The World Turned Upside Down, Can It Be Fixed?
This series involves discussions on how to fix the world since its state-of-being is questionable. The topics are chosen by class participants. Bring your ire, your concern, your disbeliefs and perhaps the class can solve a few of the challenges we all face. Share your opinion, open a dialogue and let’s see if we can fix the world.
Instructor: David Schoenfeld | Thursdays, January 31, February 7, 14, 21, 28, March 7 | 1:45 pm

Why All the Fuss About Immigration? 
Fred will discuss his friends and colleagues who were all immigrants. Some of their stories are shocking, some surprising, but amazingly many rose to success through hard work and willpower. They started with nothing (except an overabundance of the lack of funds).This is a true “rags to riches” story. It is no secret that their efforts through this nation provided the means for the achievements attained through yesterday and today.
Instructor: Fred Behrend | Monday, February 11 | 12:15 pm

So Who Knew? Surprisingly Advanced Ancient Technology ...
The Antikythera Mechanism is an analogue computer found in 1901 by sponge fishermen at the bottom of the sea near Rhodes. It has been dated to somewhere around 100 B.C.E.  Then there is the Baghdad  battery (about 2000 years old and sophisticated plastic surgery  (2500 years ago in India) and trepanation, a cranial surgery to alleviate some neurological disorders (worldwide practice dating back to the Neolithic period and continuing into the 21st century). So who knew? Now it can be you who knows. Caution: great visuals but some are disturbing. 
Instructor: Geoff Kashdan | Monday, February 11 | 1:45 pm

Views of Israel, the American Community and the United States from a Conservative Point of View 
Class discussions will focus on the State of Israel regarding American Jewish support for and against it. We will discuss the history of Israel, where it stands now and the future questions such as: are American Jews abandoning Israel because of political affiliations or what are the current threats to its survival? Since the inevitable topic of politics will appear, sharing your thoughts in a calm manner is encouraged.
Instructor: Alan Bergstein | Tuesdays, February 12, 19, 26, March 5 | 12:15 pm

Exploring Gender Identity: the 21st Century Firestorm
The boundaries between what is considered male and female are becoming blurred. Masculinity and femininity, as well as sexual attraction, are far more complex biologically than previously imagined. Over one million trans men and women in the U.S. struggle to live their authentic life. Whether we like it or not “sexual fluidity” is a fact of life. Come with an open mind and step into the light.  
Instructor: Lee Ravine | Monday, February 25 | 12:15 pm

Russia & America Face-off: Is This the Start of a New Cold War?   
This class explains the current meaning of “cold war.” Learn the details of Russia’s gains and threats. What are the American responses to Russian aggression? We will provide a case study into the Syrian Civil War and evaluation of the Trump administration policies toward Russia.
Instructor: Andrew Kahn | Monday, March 4 | 1:45 pm

America’s First Ladies

Eric will present interviews with America’s First Ladies since the days of George Washington. This class will provide an in depth look at these women, their desires, feelings, expectations and performance within the historical frame period that their lives existed.
Instructor: Eric Soroka | Tuesday, March 5 | 12:15 pm

You Are There: The Constitutional Convention 1787
This is not a legal course. It’s more like a drama mixed with anecdotes and gossip about what led to the Constitutional Convention. Who was there? What did they argue about? How did they resolve their differences under extremely stressful conditions? As class attendees you are challenged to imagine that you are the delegates at the convention with the foresight into the future to see the country in 2019. Answering the question: “What would they have done differently?”
Instructor: David Hershberg | Wednesdays, March 6, 13, 20, 27 | 12:15 pm

Islam 101 This course provides the audience with an overview of Islam from the historical, cultural and modern concepts points of view. With detailed research containing provable facts not legends, and not fairy tales, the course will delve into what believers believe, what Muslim historians wrote for their audiences, facts from recent history and the overriding goal of destroying Israel and fulfilling the final goal of Islam of converting the whole world to its religion and culture. The use of force not withstanding is part of the plan so that Allah’s religion will be the supreme and only religion thereby creating world peace. This fascinating and enlightening series will surely be one course that requires one’s attention. The course is taught by a “visiting scholar.”  

Instructor: Dr. Steve Gerzof | Wednesdays, March 6, 13, 20, 27 | 1:45 pm

Holistic Approach to Humanity
We will study the origin of humanity and its interaction with science and technology (the “parallel society”). We will discuss the substitution of natural human functions by science and technology and its social implications. We will evaluate who we are and what values we hold. We will also study human diversity and the search for a common denominator — taking into consideration the time disparity between our present existence and evolution.

Instructor: Remi Wrona | Thursdays, March 7, 14, 21, 28 | 12:15 pm

Climate Change: How Will It Impact South Florida & What You Love?
Delray Beach flooding? Our drinking water fouled by salt water intrusion? Red tide? More severe hurricanes and fires? Yes. And South Florida is working on cooperating to reduce that which contributes to the impact of climate change.

Instructor: Geoff Kashdan | Monday, March 11 | 1:45 pm

Hurricane and Climate Change: A View from Florida This class will cover key aspects and dangers of climate change than can affect Florida residents. Science, politics and religion are key elements in the discussion. Find the risks inherent in hurricane seasons and the growing concerns as they become more severe.

Instructor: Arthur Feingold | Tuesday, March 26 | 12:15 pm

Extraordinary Women: Strength, Wisdom & Compassion
“Bronx housewife makes good” was the offbeat comment made by Dr. Rosalyn Sussman Yalow when she won the Nobel Prize in biomedicine. Dr. Yalow joins a long list of women whose contributions you will recognize. Other names may be unfamiliar to you. What they have in common is the vision, talent and commitment to their goals and the fortitude to succeed in their endeavors.

Instructor: Joan Lavine | Wednesday, March 27 | 1:45 pm

How is Our Constitution Holding Up?
A timely discussion based on the political discord that Americans face today. The challenges that people are facing daily are putting a great strain on our government(s) and us as citizens. The discussion will include asking our participants if they see the effects on them and if our constitution is helpful in what they envision for our country.

Instructor: Donald Singer | Monday, March 28 | 12:15 pm

The 8TH Wonder of the World: The Panama Canal
Coupling by politics and construction issues, within the formation of the nation of Panama just to get rights to create this 8th wonder of the world, an amazing piece of work was constructed. With photos and diagrams illustrating the mechanisms of the lock systems, learn about the struggles, the engineering and the new expansion of the canal to accommodate ships more than twice the size of the Titanic.

Instructor: Geoff Kashdan | Monday, April 8 | 1:45 pm

Point/Counterpoint: Comparative Aspects of War and Peace in the Abrahamic Religions
ACE begins a new series of panel discussions featuring dialogues on world issues and dynamic political diversity. The panel will debate the aspects of the  religious and political points of view regarding the ideology of relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Moderator: Caren Besner  Panel: Rabbi Barry Silver, Alan Bergstein, Tom Trento, Dr. Stephen Gerzof & Guests | Thursday, April 11 | 1:45 pm

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Summer Camp

Summer Camp

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Edward & Thelma Glantz Early Childhood Learning Center

Edward & Thelma Glantz Early Childhood Learning Center

Registration is open for the 2019/2020 school year. We offer part-time and full-time options for infants through VPK. Our learning framework, community garden, ongoing parent communication, and integration of music, physical education, and Jewish celebration are just a few of the elements that separate us from other preschools. Come tour our facility and find out why we are considered a school of excellence.

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Perseverance Basketball Leagues

Perseverance Basketball Leagues

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Club J

Club J

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