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Conversational Yiddish (It's Not Necessary To Speak Yiddish)
Learn the culture, idiomatic expressions, songs and international communication associated with this language. Bring your grandma’s expressions and share in the memories!

Instructor: Halina Baumgarten | Tuesdays, December 11, 18 | 12:15 pm

Turning Points 
This class is a study of moments in the last 2,000 years when the survival of Judaism was in danger, and the events that occurred that allowed Judaism to continue. In addition, we will discuss how the events of today’s world are becoming a threat to Judaism.

Instructor: Rabbi Nissim Wernick | Monday, December 10 | 12:15 pm

How New York Became Jewish
Lenny Bruce once observed, “If you live in New York – even if you are Black or Chinese – you are Jewish.” Did you ever wonder how the Jews came into the city and transformed it into their own image? Well, here is your chance to learn about the Jews humble beginnings including their struggles, the growth associated with the first wave of Jewish immigrants, learning how the Jews lived and worked and how they ended up on the island’s Lower East Side, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. We will also discuss how they climbed the ladder of success and made a revolutionary life of their own in the Goldeneh Medineh.

Instructor: Rabbi Richard Polirer | Mondays, December 10, 17 | 1:45 pm

The Story of An Eyewitness To Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass)
This is one class not to be missed. The true story of a young Jewish boy growing up in Nazi Germany and his survival of Kristallnacht will be featured. You will cling to every word the instructor has to say as he recounts the days before, during and after this historic changing event.

Instructor: Erwin Ganz | Tuesday, December 11 | 1:45 pm

Three Funny Jewish Women: Fanny Brice, Gilda Radner, Joan Rivers 
Each of these women made a mark in the world of comedy. Learn about the key events that helped shape these women’s unique lives including early life, marriages, struggles and the events that led to their inevitable fame. In addition, Jewish connections will be described. The presentation will be enhanced with photographs and updated video clips.

Instructor: Dr. Rose Feinberg | Wednesday, December 12 | 1:45 pm

Accepting Your Jewishness
Jews are criticized for their status, their power, their money and their “chutzpah,” but, how do we deal with our critics? This class presents an absorbing look into a subject that every Jewish person must learn to deal with.

Instructor: Mendy Gottesdiener | Monday, December 17 | 12:15 pm

Discover Humanistic Judaism
Join B.J. Saul, Madrikha, an ordained ceremonial leader for Congregation Beth Adam, South Florida Center for Humanistic Judaism, as she discusses the history and philosophy of Humanistic Judaism. Learn how to celebrate being Jewish in our modern secular world.

Instructor: B.J. Saul | Monday, December 17 | 12:15 pm

Jewish History Reflected in Our Humor 
Jewish humor reflects our lives. Be prepared to chuckle as we enjoy the humor of life in the shtetl, immigrants to America, military life, the suburbs, holocaust humor, Israeli life and contemporary times. Hear how history changes our comedy.    
Instructor: Rabbi Abraham Eckstein | Monday, January 14 | 12:15 pm

Let’s Learn to Read Modern Hebrew
Exercise your mind and learn to read Hebrew at your own pace in this informal and relaxed setting. A workbook is required.  
Instructor: Elaine Grossman | Thursdays, January 17 - March 28 | 12:15 pm

A Yiddish Guide to Michael D. Cohen 
Join Marge Wolfe as she presents a talk on Michael D. Cohen, President Donald Trump’s once personal attorney. Share a Yiddish guide to Cohen who has been described as a “fixer” and “juggler” of people and projects. 
Instructor: Marjorie Wolfe | Wednesday,  January 16 | 1:45 pm

Israel & You: Know, Care, Act
Think Israel: What are your hopes and dreams about our Jewish state? We will explore the ancient homeland’s history, how our quest to return unfolded after nearly 2000 years, how the rest of the world treats Israel and where we are now. We encourage the class to participate and come prepared to share your views in this interactive class. 
Instructor: Howard Lynne | Thursdays, January 17, 24, 31, February 7 | 12:15 pm

Spies and Lies
This is a class about Jewish women who changed history behind enemy lines. 
• Hedy Lamar - the leading lady whose radio system threw the Nazis off course
• Ruth Gruber - Special Secret Assistant to the Secretary of the Interior in WWII
• Sarah Aronson - controversial WWI spy
• Queen Esther - the spy who saved the Jews of Persia.
Instructor: Saundra Rothenberg-Lurie | Thursday, January 17 | 1:45 pm

Rescuing the Evidence of the Holocaust - Holocaust in South Florida: The United States Holocaust Museum
How is the history of the Holocaust preserved? How is your history of the Holocaust remembered? Learn about the acquisitions process for donating material evidence of the Holocaust to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. As one of the world’s foremost authorities on Holocaust history, the Museum depends on its collections of artifacts, documents, photographs, films, music, and oral testimonies. Each individual story and donated artifact enables the museum to educate the lessons from the Holocaust today and for generations to come.
Instructor: Aimee Rubensteen | Thursday, January 17 | 1:45 pm

Was Columbus a Jew?
Was Columbus really Italian or a descendant of Spanish Marranos? Why does his will specifically give money to Jews? Why did he insist that he had no priests aboard his three ships? These and other questions will be explored, questioned and documented.   
Instructor: Rabbi Abraham Eckstein | Monday, January 21 | 12:15 pm

Kaddish: The Prayer for the Dead, But What Does it Have to do with the Deceased?

Why do we say Kaddish for a deceased relative? What’s the point? What is the true meaning behind it?   
Instructor: Rabbi Jay Lyons | Tuesday, January 22 | 12:15 pm

Three Designing Jewish Women 
Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan and Judith Leiber are three of the designing women. Learn about their early lives, marriages and fascinating paths to becoming famous designers and icons in their field. Pictures and video clips with PowerPoint enhance this presentation.  
Instructor: Dr. Rose Feinberg | Wednesday, January 23 | 1:45 pm

The Future of the Jewish Community
A quarter of American Jews are not religious and less than 40% of American Jews are synagogue members (Pew 2013). Marriages between Jews and those of other religions and ethnicities are common, though welcoming Jewish communities have increased the number of mixed-heritage families connecting to Jewish identity. Rabbis have lost their monopoly on marriages in a “do it yourself” era, and new models of Jewish community emerge every day. What will be the future of American Jewish community life? Special guest Rabbi Adam Chalom (Dean for North America of the IISHJU, The Leadership and Rabbinical Training Institution of the Worldwide Movement of Secular Humanistic Judaism)  
Instructors:  B. J. Saul with special guest | Thursday, January 24 | 1:45 pm

Positive Ideas and Thoughts Countering the Loss of Jewish Identity in the United States
The Jewish population in the United States in recent years has been decreasing significantly. Jewish practice and culture is under serious threat of future continuation. This class will invoke some thoughts and ideas to deal positively and meaningfully with this real problem. 
Instructor: Donald Lapinsohn | Monday, January 28 | 1:45 pm

The Meaning of Life: Explained in Under 75 Minutes
Why are we here? What is the meaning and purpose of it all? We will try to do justice to these questions in just one session!
Instructor: Rabbi Jay Lyons | Tuesday, January 29 | 12:15 pm

From Rags To Riches
We all love warm wonderful success stories of people who overcome poverty and great obstacles and go on to create and contribute significantly to society.  We will look at many Jews, some famous, some maybe infamous and some unknown, who have left their mark on society after coming from very humble beginnings.
Instructor: Leah Polin | Wednesdays, January 30, February 6, 13 | 12:15 pm

The Jewish Bankers of Wall Street and Their Origins in Europe 
Jews have been the object of total discrimination for many millennia. In Europe, they were not allowed to own land, however for reasons to be discussed, they could lend money. Thus, the birth of Jewish banking in Europe will be explored. The success of these bankers is world legend. The Rothschilds, the Baron De Hirsch Family, Jacob Schiff, Goldman Sachs, Salomon Brothers and the Warburg are among some of the most famous and well-known families in this distinguished group. These bankers held prominence but not so much in recent years. They were mostly prominent at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. In addition to their banking success, they were immensely involved and important in Jewish charity and welfare organizations. 
Instructor: Donald Lapinsohn | Mondays, February 4, 11 | 1:45 pm

Jewish Women Inventors
Learn about the creative and innovative Jewish women who have invented products and services. You will be surprised who they are and what they have invented.    
Instructor: Saundra Rothenberg-Lurie | Thursday, February  7 | 1:45 pm

The Jewish Experience in Amsterdam, Berlin and Vienna Amsterdam, Berlin and Vienna
are three of the greatest cities in the world. Jews have been living in these European cities for hundreds of years. The presentation, using new and reproduced photographs and words, will tell the story of the Jewish experience. It is the story of arriving, the story of flourishing, the tragedies and the revival.

Instructor: Kurt Bomze | Tuesday, February 12 | 12:15 pm

Will Shortz Puzzle Master Knows a “Bisl” Yiddish
The Yiddish Word for puzzle is “treffshpil.” A “gonzer k’noacker” is a man who does the New York Times Crossword puzzle in ink. Join Marge as she examines Yiddish words used in crosswords.

Instructor: Marjorie Wolfe | Wednesday, February 13 | 1:45 pm

A Photographic Jewish Cultural Tour of Portugal
The Jews have a long, sometimes pleasant, sometimes tragic history in Portugal in a saga that dates back to 482 CE. Through photographs and words, the class will trace and follow this remarkable journey.

Instructor: Kurt Bomze | Tuesday, February 19 | 12:15 pm

Bravo Il ‘Italianos - 4 Incredible Italians
Shortly after World War II, four native Italian Jews won the distinguished Nobel Prize in different areas. Who were they? What were their contributions? What were the circumstances?

Instructor: Leah Polin | Wednesday, February 20 | 12:15 pm

Current Events, Controversies & Constructive Conversations
Rabbi Silver’s goal is to provide a monthly discussion forum open to the ACE members and guests with a friendly and global community environment covering a wide variety of general interest topics and information. Current events, news, politics, history, literature, religion, science, Jewish issues and world affairs are just a few of our major topic areas. We will discuss the correct and the politically incorrect. Controversial topics will certainly be included.

Instructor: Rabbi Barry Silver | Tuesdays, February 26, March 26, April 9 1:45 pm

From Ghetto to Ghetto
Living in the ghetto in Venice in mid 17th century was a turning point in Jewish history. But was it positive or negative? A brief video of life in the Italian Ghetto by a distinguished University of Pennsylvania professor will be shown. The class will then discuss subsequent ghettos down to contemporary times and their impact on the inhabitants and surrounding neighbors. 

Instructor: Leah Polin | Wednesday, February 27 | 12:15 pm

Three Designing Jewish Men
Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors are the male version of famous Jewish designers. Find out about their beginnings, personal lives and fascinating roads to building global empires in fashion, accessories and other lines. Pictures and video clips via PowerPoint enhance this presentation.

Instructor: Dr. Rose Feinberg | Wednesday, February 27 | 1:45 pm

They Tried to Harm Us! God Save Us! Let’s Eat! A Deeper Look at Purim & Passover 
There are many similarities and connections between Purim and Passover. Let’s take a deeper look and gain insights and inspiration that will enhance the holiday experiences.

Instructor: Rabbi Jay Lyons | Tuesday, March 12 | 12:15 pm

Judaism’s Twenty Questions
Can I be angry with God? Do I have to love my neighbor? Does prayer work? Is the Torah true? Is it obsolete? These and other questions have troubled us over time. Join us for lively discussions of our own answers to Judaism’s twenty questions.

Instructor: Buddy Schreiber | Thursdays, March 14, 21, 28 | 1:45 pm

The History of the Italian Jews
Jews of Italy have a history that spans more than two thousand years. The Jewish presence dates back to the pre-Christian Roman period and has continued through the centuries despite periods of extreme persecution and expulsions until the present. Take an exploratory view of this history and learn how it progressed into current days.

Instructor: Pierre Chanover | Wednesday, March 6 | 12:15 pm

Is the Torah a Story About Fish?
Join in the debate about the origin of the Torah. Was it all dictated by Moses, created by man, inspired by G-d then written by man?  Are the stories true?   What do fish, stars and the North Pole have to do with the Torah?  We will not arrive at a conclusion yet thoroughly enjoy the various approaches and opinions.

Instructor: Andy Greenberg | Monday, March 25 | 1:45 pm

Why Anti-Semitism is the New Anti-Zionism: How Well is it Working?
The creative anti-Semite has come up with innovative ways to hide their hatred, most often by saying they are anti-Zionists. But the manner and ways they cross the line from anti-Semitism to anti-Zionism are growing as is the number of people who are vocal about dismantling the Jewish state. Our response has to be very precise, clear and proactive.

Instructor: Ellen Rubin | Tuesday, March 26 | 12:15 pm

Kabalah and Retirement
The Kabbalah’s insight to a fulfilling life! It is an eye-opener! The Ancient Jews discovered the secret to success and motivational techniques long before anyone else. This powerful session will leave you amazed about how to live a fulfilling life!

Instructor: Andy Greenberg | Monday, April 1 | 1:45 pm

An Antedote to Anti-Semitism
This class focuses on Jews looking inward. What are the causes of anti-Semitism? Where did it begin? What are the reasons for the increase in hate crimes? The class will work to discover what steps can be taken to stop the spread of this negative behavior.

Instructor: Mendy Gottesdiener | Tuesday, April 2 | 12:15 pm

Great Jewish Women
From all different parts of life, Jewish women have played a major role in changing the world of comedy, art, politics, sex, theater, music, cosmetics, journalism and so much more.

Instructor: Andy Greenberg | Monday, April 8 | 1:45 pm

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