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Constance & David Blacher
Special Needs Program

The Mandel JCC of the Palm Beaches strongly believes that a diverse and caring community is an inclusive one. That is why we continue to grow our commitment of providing opportunities for individuals with special needs and their families.

The Mandel JCC of the Palm Beaches strongly believes that- ALL Participants need to have a sense of belonging.

The Constance and David Blacher Children’s Special Needs Program has created an integrated/inclusive environment. Through year-round camps, special events, aquatics, sports and variety of additional programs, we provide opportunities for those with special needs and their families. We believe that every individual deserves to be part of the community and benefit from the same social and recreational activities of those of their peers.

We cannot sustain these services for children, teens and young adults with special needs without your generous support.

For more information please contact Development@JCConline.com or 561-242-6637.

The Impact of Your Donation

Eight weeks of an enrichment program such as sports
Three hours of respite care for caregivers of children with special needs
One week of summer camp
14 hours of hands-on training for staff
Specialized therapists to work with our individuals with special needs in a social and recreational setting
Sensory-friendly supplies to enhance summer programs

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